Effective Jan. 1, 2020, California passed a new privacy law, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), that protects the personal information of California residents. It provides residents with certain rights and creates new obligations for businesses subject to the law.

CCPA’s classification of personal information is broad. For example, CCPA requires notice to be given before personal information is collected and that personal information is broad enough to include even:

– IP Address

– Insurance Policy Number

– Vehicle Identification Numbers

– Education

– Professional Experience

– Other Personal Information

Because CAL-KOR Insurance Services must comply with CCPA, our clients must as well when it comes to personal data that CAL-KOR Insurance Services shared; and if they meet the Privacy Act’s threshold requirements.

  • Learn more about the Privacy Act by visiting
  • Read the fact sheet to learn if CCPA applies to your agency and then share it with your clients.
  • Direct your clients who want to know what data Liberty Mutual has about them – versus the data you have in your agency’s records to make a data request form from here.
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