Customer Experience Management By Objectives (CEMBO)

Customer satisfaction by management of service is CAL-KOR’s core value in our operations. Our principles, systems, procedures, and standards, built in our strategic direction, are crucial to our success. Moreover, we emphasize service-oriented attitudes, values, norms, which are every bit important.


◇ At the heart of our service. 
◇ One to be sympathized and possibly empathized with.
◇ To be shown courtesy and respect
◇ One with whom we have a symbiotic relationship.
◇ The very reason for our existence
◇ Our Paycheck!


All of us here at CAL-KOR know about how important “CEMBO” is because the insurance industry which contains service aspects intensively than any other industry is in fact about attracting and keeping the best customers by getting a share of their “heart”. Part of the creative aspect of being a great insurance company is to understand the importance of CEMBO practice and to find new ways of modeling it and exploiting it to create greater value than our competitors can.

First, we keep in mind that we care as much about prospects as customers. In fact, CAL-KOR Insurance Services would say that our customers are all just PEOPLE. So in defining CAL-KOR’s customer experience, we are mindful that our value (also called ultimate goal) is to create an uncommon experience for every single customer of ours.
In fact, our goal is to create uncommon experiences for multiple kinds of people in the business, and yet not all people will interact with us in the same channel, nor will they have the same expectations from each channel. But they will have an overall expectation about the quality of our service experience they want from us.

So we keep in mind that while some parts of the person’s experience may differ by channel, a customer will come to us with an expectation. If they have no information about CAL-KOR in the first place, they will set their expectations according to our competitors’ established customer experience and brand expectations. If they come to us with knowledge of our company, we will have to meet or exceed their expectations to maintain or improve our brand equity.

In this regard, our set value principle on servicing the customer is: “Customers may want to (or need to) experience our company, CAL-KOR, through multiple channels. But we don’t want to be company-centric here. We would understand how customers want to (or need to) experience information about CAL-KOR that may be generated outside of our company, repeated and organized by third parties, and absorbed by people long before they ever experience even one of our channels.

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